How to get medical weed in israel

How to get medical weed in israel

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how to get medical weed in israel | How to Obtain a Medical Cannabis License? | Is cannabis legal in Israel? 2022 Marijuana Laws

Under the Hazardous Drugs Ordinance, the Medical Cannabis Entity is the Ministry of Health's authorized unit to assess applications and provide permission to keep, use, and research dangerous drugs.
In accordance with established protocols, the Medical Cannabis Unit examines medicinal recommendations to use cannabis for medical purposes. buy cannabis in israel


This article explains the procedure for obtaining a medicinal cannabis license for the patient. The recommended specialist should examine and follow the cannabis permits procedures. To apply for a usage permit for cannabis research or for research that includes contact with cannabis, please follow the instructions on the Ministry of Health’s site.

The patient must go through the following processes in order to receive a medicinal cannabis permit:

Submission of a permit specialist's recommendation

The recommendation has been forwarded to the Medical Cannabis Unit.

Examine the advice in light of the applicable criteria and signals

Approval or rejection of the application

Obtaining a permission

how to get medical weed in israel

Submitting the application and receiving service | weed dispensary israel

1. Submitting the application

 Applications for a Medical Cannabis Permit or applications to amend existing permits (dosage modifications, medical record completion, etc.) must be filed by a specialist physician who specializes in the area from which the patient suffers. Applications from family physicians will not be approved.

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Steps in submitting the application

The specialist will complete the online application form according to the guidelines. Please note that the form may be completed only in Internet Explorer version 10 or higher or Chrome browser. Your physician will send the application online to the Unit, in accordance with the instructions, and then print out the form.
For technical assistance with the form, please contact the E-Government Forms Service Center: 1-800-200-560.

Advised that the patient's mobile phone number be specified and that text messages (SMS) be confirmed in order for the patient to get text messages regarding the application's condition.

The specialist will have the patient sign on the printed form, and will sign and stamp it in the space provided.

The specialist will submit the form to the Medical Cannabis Unit according to the details listed below, together with the documents required by cannabis permits procedure (Procedure 106) and other relevant documents, as described below. The application will be handled only after all required materials is received by the Unit.

Details for application submission:

Fax: 02-6474810
Applications for cannabis use and for any change in the permit should be sent to this number only.

Mail: Ministry of Health, Medical Cannabis Unit, 39 Yermiyahu Street, PO Box 1176 Jerusalem, zip code 9101002


2. Medical Cannabis Unit receives the recommendation / application | Is cannabis legal in Israel? 2022 Marijuana Laws

If the patient's cell phone number was supplied in the form, the patient will get a text message (SMS) as confirmation of receipt of the application.

how to get medical weed in israel

3. Examination of the recommendation and application for permit

The documents are transmitted for evaluation and assessment by a senior doctor in the Medicinal Cannabis Unit, who is a recognized "Director" under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance and has the power to approve the use of cannabis for medical purposes. The Director reviews the application in light of the medical information provided and the medical indications identified in the cannabis permits procedure (Procedure 106).

Applications that do not include all of the needed information as outlined in this procedure will not be evaluated until all of the required material is received - no later than three months after the first application is submitted.

4. Decision to approve or reject the application

Decision regarding the application as well as any interim decision and correspondence will be delivered to the treating physician with a copy to the patient, in accordance with the details provided in the application. how to get medical weed in israel

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Appealing the Director's decision to the Appeal Committee

After the Director finished examining the application, the get more info patient or the attending physician may submit a written appeal against the decision given, to the Appeal Committee.

The Appeals Committee may be contacted by completing an Application to Appeal Director’s Decision.

The Appeals Committee meets on an ad hoc basis upon receiving a number of files for its consideration. In any case, even if not received enough files, the Appeals Committee meets at least once a quarter.

Full detailed about the appeal, its submission and examination are included in the cannabis permits procedure (Procedure 106). how to get medical weed in israel

5. Issuance of a Medical Cannabis Permit

Upon receiving the Director’s approval to issue a Medical Cannabis Permit for the patient, the permit will be issued and transferred click to the supplier.


The supplier will contact the patient to coordinate instructions and supply

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